Caroyb J. Lewis, LCSW,  Certified School Social Work at Aptakisic Junior High School.

Carolyn J. Lewis, LCSW, Certified School Social Worker at Aptakisic Junior High School.

Carolyn J. Lewis, LCSW, is a Certified School Social Worker at Aptakisic Junior High School. Carolyn shares a wonderful and life-saving story of how an Aptakisic student applied the ACT (Acknowledge, Care, Tell) message on behalf of a student in another state.

I wanted to share a proud, somewhat extraordinary moment with you.  On Tuesday, a teacher brought a student to me whom I’d never met (or even seen).  The student had received an alert from some kind of video chat group she is part of from a friend.  Despite the fact that she had her phone on and was looking at it in class, she saw alarming pictures and captions of a friend sobbing and saying she wants to die because her boyfriend broke up with her.  There were many similar pictures and statements and rather than worrying that she would get in trouble for using her phone in school, she immediately told her teacher.  The teacher told her what we would do and brought her to me.  The girl showed me everything and told me that this friend is someone she has never met in person and that she lives in Pennsylvania.

She allowed me to coach her into what to say to her friend via chat to try to comfort her and elicit more information about where she lives and goes to school.  She was able to find out the nickname of the school and the girl’s last name but that was it.  Last night, she started a chat privately with some of the other members of the group and they all shared their concerns.  She told the group (minus the girl they were concerned about) that she had told me and that we needed to know where she goes to school so I could call the counselor there.  Another member privately chatted with the girl of concern and was able to get the name of the school and share it with my student.

This morning, my student emailed me a screenshot of some of the statement and I contacted the guidance counselor at the girl’s school.  She was able to confirm that the girl is a student there and that they would follow up.  I emailed the screen shot to her.

Later in the day today, I received an email back from the counselor letting me know that they brought the mom into school to tell her everything and they sent them for a crisis evaluation.  They were all so appreciative of us, and so proud of our student, for stepping up.

I followed up with my student several times today to thank her, because really, she is the one who made the difference. She just messaged me that the girl called her tonight to ask if we called her school.  My student was bold and brave, telling her yes, and that she cares about her and was so concerned for her and didn’t want anything to happen to her.

I made sure to let her know that she used ACT perfectly and went above and beyond to keep a friend safe.

I’m kind of on a pride high :). This stuff works!!!