Facebook. Twitter. Instagram. Snapchat. Social media is absolutely everywhere we go. Facebook and Instagram dominate our world.

Snapchat is an iPhone app that enables people to record daily events in their lives. Users have the ability to snap personal photos back and forth. People constantly snap photos of themselves, updating their own personal story.

What makes me insecure is when couples post pictures of each other dating. I’ve never been in a serious relationship; therefore, when I see my peers uploading pictures of themselves with boyfriends, it makes me feel bad. For me, this has been one of the more annoying aspects of social media. A boyfriend is someone you should enjoy spending time with and getting to know. A boyfriend is not an object you brand yourself with and show off every chance you get. A picture is fine, but when couples post excessively it gets extremely annoying. I utilize Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat too. I try to portray that I live a happy life. In reality, I struggle from time to time. In some ways, I probably struggle more than others.

While social media keeps us in touch with our friends, it can make you feel insecure, feeling like you have to keep up. Someone may say the same thing about me when I constantly upload my artwork. Since I am in school right now in graphic design, uploading my artwork makes me feel better about myself. It is the way I validate myself. It is sad we live in an insecure world where every minute people feel the need to validate themselves to keep up with their peers. Social media portrays people’s lives as an illusion. Social media makes me think other people have it so much better than I do, when in reality they could be suffering from mental illness. Social media makes me compare myself to others all the time instead of appreciating all that I have to offer the world.


Stay tuned…Part II to follow