I am writing to thank you for your assistance in training our students with the SOS Suicide Prevention Program at Southwood Middle School on May 11th and 13th 2015. It was such an emotional time for our students and you were able to meet their needs by giving them the education they needed.  Southwood Middle School was in crisis and you were informed about our situation with our students and the number of suicidal ideation from our students.  Elyssa’s Mission took the initiative to reach out and informed us immediately of the program. The SOS Suicide Prevention Program training given by Elyssa’s Mission turned out to be a great success, due in large part to you.  I appreciate your attention to detail pertaining to the preparation and planning of the program, your work ethics and your outstanding leadership.

We have had nothing but positive feedback on what the staff and students learned about suicide prevention and how they will use their new “ACT” skills. Currently, I have had three students follow up with counseling and one student requested a therapist from Genesis that interviewed her after the BSAD screening. I am grateful for the expedited response to my request for assistance in suicide prevention that Elyssa’s Mission has provided Southwood Middle. I’m looking forward to working with you again in the coming year.


Terry Edwards, Southwood Middle School, MSW