Erin Merryn’s mission is to shatter the silence and stigma around sexual abuse and educate children and empower them with their voice. After enduring years of sexual abuse as a child Erin is now on a crusade to ensure that children in public schools are educated on sexual abuse prevention. Erin’s Law has been passed in seven states including Illinois with 10 more introducing it soon. Erin is on a national crusade to get all 50 states on board.

Today Erin uses her outspoken, brave voice to inspire and motivate thousands during her travels across the country. Her crusade began during her senior year of high school in 2004, just as my daughter lost her battle to post traumatic stress disorder from a sexual assault. At 12 years old she was raped by our best friend’s son. Twelve years old! To this day it’s hard to talk about, hard to think about. Through her poetry, she would write about it until her dying day.

After my daughter’s death I chose to focus my energy on suicide prevention education in middle and high schools. We have educated thousands on risk factors and warning signs, and have helped save lives by identifying teens in need of critical mental health services.

I am so grateful to Erin for speaking out and representing those that have no voice, those like my daughter.

It takes courage and a tremendous amount of stability on the part of a victim to have an impact and make necessary changes. Together we are saving young lives.

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Written by Anonymous