On Tuesday, I had the privilege of attending Baker College Prep to witness and experience firsthand the roll-out of the SOS Signs of Suicide® program to the freshman class. I was impressed not only with the professional staff, but also with the attentive, respectful students, particularly their honest responses and willingness to promote discussion and ask questions regarding such a serious subject matter: suicide prevention and saving young lives. This experience really altered my perspective on today’s teens; I was astonished by their abundant knowledge, social awareness and capacity to accept a challenge.

This was an important event for Elyssa’s Mission because it was their first opportunity to partner with and bring the SOS program into a ChicagoSchool.  The program was funded by a local Chicago not-for-profit, Rebecca’s Dream (visit their website at www.rebeccasdream.org to learn more) and implemented with the hands-on support of Elyssa’s Mission. The classes were co-taught by EM Director of Education, Jodie Segal, along with Hector Rodriguez, Health Teacher and Blessing Uchendu, Social Worker from Baker. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA