This video won’t leave you hurting from side stitches of laughter, but it will make you think. It deals with depression, a subject that is greatly misunderstood and usually avoided. Depression is not being sad as a result of a bad thing. Depression is being sad even when everything is good. Many, many people suffer from this illness. In fact, every 30 seconds someone, somewhere, takes their life. What’s tough is watching a bright, young stand-up comedian who seems to have it all, confess that he not only suffers from depression, but that he’s also contemplated suicide. It’s also tough to understand that what has prevented him and so many like him from getting help is the stigma attached to his illness. As he says, our society believes its okay not to get out of bed because of a broken arm or leg; everyone would want to sign your cast. However, if the reason you can’t get out of bed is because you are so depressed you can’t move, we as a society run. We run from what we don’t understand. We prefer silence to talking about depression. Kevin Breel wants to change that. He wants you to start a conversation and the first step is to watch this video.

Confessions of a depressed comic