The title says it all. A little love goes a long way for both bullies and those being bullied. What’s unexpected is that both bullies and their victims have self-destructive thoughts.  Both the bully and the person being bullied are prone to suicide. In this article, Dr. Borowsky leads a study that looks at two kinds of factors related to teen suicide.  Risk factors are what push kids to negative thoughts and actions. Protective factors are things adults can do to help protect and maybe prevent suicidal thoughts. Risk and protective factors were analyzed for teens involved in either verbal or social bullying. Surprisingly, the numbers of teens who reported being frequent bullies and also having suicidal thoughts and actions (22%) was close to the number of teens being frequently bullied and having suicidal thoughts and actions (29%) in the past year. It wasn’t clear what factors are risk factors.  However, it is clear what the most important protective factors are-love and support. Studies show that good relationships with parents and friends or adults who care about them are essential in preventing suicidal thoughts or attempts among teens. Obviously, each case is different. There are bullies and kids who are bullied that have loving parents and caring friends. There are also teens who have suicidal thoughts even though their parents and friends support and love them.  What this article teaches us is that it’s not enough to feel love. We need to show our love. Love can’t always prevent the bad feelings, but as the title says; a little love goes a long way. Imagine what a lot of love would do.  To read the full article click here