This is an amazing story.  A girl in California named Rosas reads a blog on Tumblr.  The blog is written by a girl across the country in New Jersey who writes:  “’I’m going to kill myself. There is no other option.”’  Knowing from her posts that the girl was depressed, Rosas followed her instincts.  She knew that this was a real cry for help so she calls a suicide hotline.  They tell her to call the police.  The police officer takes her fears seriously and begins a search which identifies the girl.  Local police were then called and the girl is found unconscious.  She had swallowed a bottle of prescription pills and was rushed to a medical facility. Amazingly, she survived. Incredible.  It’s a reminder that we can all make a difference.  If we feel that someone is suffering, that they are crying out for help, especially if they threaten to hurt themselves, we need to do what Rosas did and act.  If you’re in this situation and read a blog, tweet, post, whatever, and are not sure whether the person is serious or not, get an adult involved.  Don’t worry about inconveniencing others.  Don’t worry about the potential that someone could get in trouble.  Don’t worry that you don’t know the person or that they live far away.  Remember a person’s life could be in your hands.  Rosas’ actions saved the girl’s life.  Someday, you might be able to do the same. To read the article in full click here

Posted by Katia Elisman, Volunteer