Starting Tuesday, April 2nd, the brothers of Sigma Alpha Epsilon (SAE) fraternity at Northwestern University will host their annual Paddy Murphy Week, a week of events honoring the traditions and brotherhood of SAE. The week features a variety of events including Tuesday’s kick-off carnival and profit-sharing dinners at several local restaurants.

This year, the brothers of SAE chose Elyssa’s Mission to benefit from their philanthropy. Elyssa’s Mission founder, Joanne Meyers, and one of our board members will join the members of SAE on Friday to accept their donation and make a speech. We are honored that SAE chose Elyssa’s Mission as this year’s Paddy Murphy Week charity, and we hope you will join us in making their week a success. A video about the week and a schedule of events on or near Northwestern University’s campus are listed below.

Tuesday April 2nd

Kick-Off Carnival (4-8pm on the sorority quad)

Food Trucks on University (Babycakes, Chicago Cupcake, Wagyu Wagon)

Live Music (possibly Asterik, Thunk, ZBT band Ric Cross among others)

Dunk Tank

“Paddy Cakes” (pie a brother in the face)


Wednesday April 3rd:

Cheesies Profit-sharing (11 AM – 3 AM)


Thursday April 4th:

Potbelly’s Profit-sharing (5PM-8PM)


Friday April 5th:

Buffalo Wild Wings Profit-sharing


Saturday April 6th:

Reveal of winners at SAE Temple (4-6PM)

DJ booth

Live raffle of donated items

Speech from Joanne Meyers and Elyssa’s Mission Board Member