With Thanksgiving behind us, we can look forward to the winter holidays as a time to relax and spend time with friends and family. The only difficult thing is interrupting that cherished time with loved ones to tackle crowds at the mall and find the perfect gift to show everyone you care. Attend our Extraordinary Gifts event on December 6th from 5:30-9:30pm and you’ll forget you were ever worried about what presents to give for the holidays. This annual evening of shopping, chatting, and enjoying cocktails at the Clarkson Lodge in Northfield, IL is a blissful way to begin the holiday season and end your shopping woes.

Today our spotlight is on a very special designer: Loli DiSanto of Loli Designer Jewelry. In addition to being a talented designer, Loli is the hard-working chair of Extraordinary Gifts this year and will hopefully showcase her designs at the event.

Describing herself, Loli says:

My background did not come from an artful existence, in fact my life has revolved around medicine as a Physician Assistant. I only found out that I was crafty after I decided to give up medicine to raise my daughter. I could write novels about my family and how much they mean to me, suffice it to say, they are my life..

All of my pieces are inspired by my family…favorite moments with my daughter like her Spider Man 3rd birthday party, a phrase like “Be careful” that she said that came out to be a very bad word, a necklace the exact color of my son’s eyes, a piece that reminds me of bike rides through the forest with my dad as a kid, or a charm that has a picture of my handsome husband.

My mom is a true inspiration to me, she is where my creativity comes from. She spent hours sitting criss-cross applesauce on the floor stringing crystal beads, by the thousands, onto my ice skating costumes. She inspired the phrase, “Always remember to sparkle.” She taught me that if you are a good person, if you stand tall, have confidence in yourself and believe that you are capable of attaining what you want in life, that you will truly sparkle.

It is a very rare occasion that I am away from my incredible husband and children, in that instance, I like to have every thing I wear to remind me of my “lovebugs”. Out of that reflection, I try to make pieces for women that love fashion, and that would enjoy having something meaningful and dazzling to incorporate into her everyday wardrobe, something that is high quality and one of a kind. We are all unique in our own wonderful way, I believe that should be embraced! Some pieces are as obvious as a photo and some are a little more conservative like a color that symbolizes a special person or moment.

The most incredible feature about my line of jewelry is that you can personalize absolutely every piece. It is a custom piece of jewelry without the hassle. Given as gifts for a wedding, baby shower, anniversary, or a random Tuesday…this jewelry will quickly become your favorite, wear-with-everything piece, that will after time become family heirlooms.

I am going to try very hard to be a huge success, but if my only customer is my mom, I will be happy and remember that it was the experience of learning and accomplishing one more thing in my life, that I am so proud of. I want to teach my children the importance of hard work and trying new things. I want to be a living example to my children that you should never stop learning, never give up, always be thankful for the people that inspire and support you, and sparkle from both the inside and out!

From LoliDesigns.com

We are thrilled to show a few pictures of Loli’s beautiful designs here, and we hope you will join us in just one week to celebrate the season at Extraordinary Gifts!