Jodie and I had an opportunity to partner with Linden Oaks Hospital at a recent conference they had on suicide prevention called “SOS: Depression & Suicide Among Adolescents.”  The conference began with a powerful youtube video of Amanda Todd, the Canadian teen who took her life just one month after posting the video.  Unfortunately, this real portrait of a young girl who was bullied by her peers is another example of a young life lost to suicide.  The conference was attended by professionals from local schools, law enforcement and mental health agencies, as well as concerned parents.  The three-hour conference was filled with important information on risk factors, protective factors and warning signs; suicide risk assessment and treatment were further discussed.  Linden Oaks staff explained the SOS program.  I then talked about Elyssa, and how her life story resembled that of Amanda Todd.  Jodie concluded the presentation by providing an inside view as to how we help schools implement the SOS program. Jodie and I both greatly appreciated the opportunity to partner with Linden Oaks on such an important issue.

–By Joanne Meyers, President